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We are a boutique on-location studio serving athletes in the Florida Keys. We specialize in personalized attention to your needs by tailoring our products and services to each athlete. Owner Kathy Lancaster has extensive experience working with student-athletes in a vast array of sports. Our up-close, fieldside action shots and portraits capture the drama, intensity, and excitement of high school sports. Kathy is a member of the prestigious, invitation-only network of sports photographers.


Sports Action Photography

We provide clear, sharp, and dramatic live-action game-play shots of your athlete. Our specialty equipment is geared for the challenges of live action and the sometimes-difficult lighting situations of athletic competitions. Fieldside. Poolside. Courtside. We’ve got it! Our work is done by commission so we can focus our efforts on getting the best shorts of your athlete over a course of several events. Please see our price list for details. And this is important: Be sure to book early in the season to ensure the best opportunities for capturing game-action shots of your athlete.


Senior Ads, Home Décor, Photo Books, and More

Need a just-right senior ad for the school yearbook? We can design that. Looking for a fun party design? How about a life-size free-standing cut-out. Searching for a stand-out piece for home or office décor? A large canvas or a fun, life-sized removable wall cling may be the answer. We can build beautiful keepsake photo books or help with a fine print enlargement and frame. We’ve got ideas from holiday cards to man cave décor and everything in between!


Promotion, Marketing, Recruitment

Interested in promoting your athlete but don’t know where to begin? Let us help you start early with promotion and guidance through the complicated marketing and recruitment process. As your athlete’s skills grow, our network of experienced photographers, copywriters, and recruitment advisors can help get your child known to college coaches and guide you through the recruitment process.


Choosing the Right Sports Photographer

What does everyone want in a great sports shot? Images that are clear, incredibly crisp, dramatic, game-action, and focused on the featured athlete. Yes, we offer all that for you. That’s our guarantee. We love our clients and hope we can serve your photographic and marketing needs for many years. We also want you to be pleased with our other professional aspects including prompt service, honesty and integrity, and good communication. Please read 6 Things You Should Know BEFORE hiring a Photographer to make sure we’re the right studio for you. Then give us a call and we’ll get started!

Kathy Lancaster Photography

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