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Your Photography Experience: What to Expect for a Sports Season Package

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the images as they are true samples of the type of sports photography I produce and that you can expect if you choose Kathy Lancaster Photography/Florida Keys Sports Photographer for your action sports needs. Please also review the informational materials linked at the top menu bar of the home page, including the contract and price list.

  • Your image package. Once you decide you would like to commission us to photograph your athlete, the first step is to decide on the package of images that you would like. The best value is the Elite Athlete package of images presented to you on a specially-labeled DVD. A deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking. Please note that contracts are per player/per season. Once you contact me, I will review the contract with you to determine the types of images you would like and your intended special use if any (e.g., senior yearbook page, wall cling, canvas wrap, photo books). In order to keep prices down, we do not offer storefront-type services of images available on the website. Instead, I will photograph your player throughout the season, archive the digital images, and determine the best cross-section of images that meet your request and deliver your images within approximately one month of the end of the season. Please be aware that early booking is critical so I have the best representation of your player’s involvement throughout the complete season of events. I do not archive all images so may not have images of your player prior to your formal booking.
  • The player’s season. At the start of each season, I finalize my schedule, attempting to photograph every Marathon High School home sporting event that is within the city limits. Events outside of Marathon can be covered as my schedule allows; however, travel fees will be an additional charge. The majority of shots will be fieldside, courtside, or poolside for up-close action shots. The special sports-action photography equipment allows me to get shots that do not interefere with game proceedings; in fact, your player may not realize I am there getting shots of his/her play. Unfortunately, due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of sports, weather, playing time, and schedule changes/conflicts, I may be unable to get the exact images that you desire. If so, I will contract you to discuss the images I have available and, if necessary, make adjustments to your contract.
  • After the season. I will review and process the images of your player and deliver them to you in the form indicated on your contract as soon as possible after the last team event. Please let me know if you have special time requests for images prior to the end of the season, such as for senior ads, gifts, mobile media, college recruiters, and so on. Some seasons get extremely busy with client image processing but I attempt to have all the images delivered within one month of the end of the season. The balance is due upon your receipt of your images.

Specialty products. During the season, be thinking of how you would like to use your images. A popular use is a graduation slide show put together along with other growing-up images. Other popular uses are framed prints or frameless canvas wraps for home or office. We’ve also helped clients with full-sized wall clings, photo books, photo jewelry, senior ad design, and holiday cards. Let us know how we can help!

Other services. The vast majority of our clients are talented athletes. We’d like to help you as you plan your player’s sports career throughout high school and beyond. We can help promote your player with our network of experienced photographers, copywriters, and recruitment advisors.

Client satisfaction. Kathy Lancaster Photography/Florida Keys Sports Photographer is a small, locally-owned business, and your satisfaction is critical to our success. Please let us know if we fail to meet your expectation in any way. We guarantee customer satisfaction or your money back. Yes, it’s that important to us. We have many repeat customers and are very proud of that track record. Please feel comfortable letting us know exactly what you would like in your images and we will do our best to get them for you.

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